Mapinduzi Cup 2023/2024, Ratiba na Matokeo

Mapinduzi Cup 2023/2024 - Ratiba na Matokeo

We take a look at Mapinduzi Cup 2023/2024 - Ratiba na Matokeo , this competition forms part of the 60th Anniversary Celebrations of the Zanzibar Revolution, which expelled the Sultan from power on January 12, 1964,  with all matches being played at Amaan Stadium in Zanzibar , a stadium which was recently renovated and had its Crowd Capacity expanded to 15,000 Seats.

The teams that are participating in the Mapinduzi Cup 2023/2024  are, Mlandege FC, Singida Fountain Gate, Vital'O FC, Simba SC, Yanga SC, APR FC, AzamFC, URA FC, Bandari FC, KVZ FC, Chipukizi FC, Jamhuri SC.

The Annually held tournament in Unguja is highly regarded; some have compared it to the World Cup for Zanzibar, Mapinduzi Cup 2023 / 24 sees a number of teams from Zanzibar, Mainland Tanzania, and beyond come together to provide football fans with the entertainment they desire.

Mapinduzi Cup 2023 / 24  - The Teams & Groups

The clubs which will compete in the Mapinduzi Cup 2023 / 24 this season were recently named  & confirmed by the Competition committee. This is the 18th championship since the competition was made official in 2007 and it will involve 12 teams , up from last seasons 9 teams.

Group A has the defending Champions Mlandege, Azam FC, URA Uganda and Chipukizi of Pemba ,  while Group B has Simba, Jamhuri Pemba, APR of Rwanda and Singida Fountain Gate and  Group C Contains Yanga, Bandari Kenya, KVZ and Vital'O of Burundi.

Azam will play against Chipukizi on the first day of the competition - December 28, while Yanga will play against Bandari Kenya on December 31 and Simba take on Jamhuri on New year Day. In Last Season's Edition of the Competition , Mlandege won the championship by beating Singida Fountain Gate 2-1 in the final.

Here is the Full Schedule / Ratiba Kamili ya Mapinduzi Cup 2023/2024

Thursday December 28, 2023

16:15 Mlandege FC vs URA FC

20:15 Chipukizi United vs Azam FC

Friday December 29, 2023

16:15 Vital’o vs Bandari SC

20:15 Jamhuri SC vs Singida FG

Saturday December 30, 2023

16:15 URA FC vs Chipukizi United

20:15 Azam FC vs Mlandege FC

Sunday December 31, 2023

16:15 Vital’o vs KVZ FC

20:15 Yanga SC vs Bandari FC

Monday January 01,2024

16:15 Singida FG vs APR

20:15 Jamhuri SC vs Simba SC

Tuesday January 02, 2024

16:15 URA vs Azam FC

20:15 Yanga SC vs KVZ FC

Wednesday January 03, 2024

16:15 APR vs Jamhuri SC

201:15 Simba SC vs Singida FG

Thursday January 04, 2024

16:15 Mlandege vs Chipukizi United

20:15 Yanga SC vs Vital’o

Friday January 05 2024

16:15 KVZ vs Bandari SC

201:5 Simba SC vs APR

How to Watch  Mapinduzi Cup 2023/2024

If you are unable to  Physically attend to the stadium for the Mapinduzi Cup 2023/2024 matches, then  you may enjoy these games at the comfort of your Home by Subscribing to the Azam TV package of 25,000 shillings Per month and you will be be to watch this competition in full.


Matokeo ya Mapinduzi Cup 2023/2024 / The  Results

Thursday December 28, 2023

16:15 Mlandege FC - - URA FC

20:15 Chipukizi United  - - Azam FC 


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