Kikosi Simba vs ASEC Mimosas 25 November 2023

Kikosi Simba vs ASEC Mimosas 25 November 2023

 Kikosi Simba vs ASEC Mimosas 25 November 2023

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Simba SC will face ASEC Mimosas in the African Champions League Group B game scheduled for November 25, 2023 at 1:00 pm UTC. Now, Simba SC ranks 3rd in the group standings, while ASEC Mimosas ranks 1st.

This match is an important one for both teams who are looking for important points in their quest to progress further in the CAF Champions League. Simba SC will aim to raise the group levels by getting a positive result against the current leader, ASEC Mimosas.

Football fans will be closely following the progress of this match, and the results will have an important role in determining the series between Simba SC and ASEC Mimosas in Group B. Keep following the news and results to see how this important fight will turn out.

Kikosi Simba vs ASEC Mimosas Le 25 November 2023


  1. Ayoub
  2. Israel
  3. Hussein
  4. Kennedy
  5. Henock
  6. Che Malone
  7. Kibu
  8. Mzamiru
  9. Baleke
  10. Ngoma
  11. Ntibanzokinza

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