Ratiba Nzima SIMBA DAY 2023 Leo Tarehe 06 August 2023


Ratiba Nzima SIMBA DAY 2023 Leo Tarehe 06 August 2023

Ratiba Nzima SIMBA DAY 2023 Leo Tarehe 06 August 2023

The festivities of Simba Day are designed to be memorable and exciting, with a lineup of diverse events and activities:

Opening: The festival will kick off with a vibrant opening ceremony, featuring the unveiling of the Simba SC squad for the upcoming season. This is a moment of great excitement for fans as they eagerly anticipate the team that will represent their beloved club in the new campaign.

Musical Extravaganza: Following the opening ceremony, the stage will come alive with a star-studded concert, featuring performances from renowned musical artists. The club aims to entertain and engage the audience, creating an electric atmosphere filled with music, joy, and celebration.

Youth and Women’s Games: In the spirit of promoting youth development and women’s football, Simba SC will organize friendly matches involving their youth and women’s teams. This presents an excellent opportunity for young talents to showcase their skills in front of enthusiastic supporters.

Community Engagement: Simba Day goes beyond the football pitch; it serves as a platform for the club to give back to the community. Various charity events and outreach programs may be organized during the festival to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Closing Game: The festival will culminate with an exciting closing game, where Simba SC will face off against Power Dynamos FC. While this match may not carry the competitive weight of a league fixture, it is a chance for the players to gain valuable match experience and for fans to witness their team in action.

SIMBA DAY 2023 Match Details

Simba SC will play a friendly game with Power Dynamos of Zambia at the peak of Simba Day

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